Purpose Of Our Practice

Your smile affects your self-image, and can greatly influence the quality of your interactions with others. Many people hold back from laughing or smiling because they are uncomfortable with their smile.

Almost everyone can keep all of their teeth throughout their life. Research and information have made so much more possible that never before could have been achieved. The problem is not a lack of technology, it is generating the desire and discipline, patient and dentist alike, must have to achieve this purpose.

The purpose of high quality professional service can be stated in simple, non-medical terms. It is to help keep all your teeth all your life in maximum comfort and function, with good health and appearance. With these words, we make our personal commitment to you as our patient. In our purpose of practice, you are a person of great importance. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, your well being always will be the object of our prime concern.

Excellence in dentistry begins with a careful examination and diagnosis with the development of a MASTER PLAN to move us toward the health goals we will establish together for your oral health. You have unique wants and needs, and we will analyze these together and address them candidly and objectively. We will identify and carefully consider your feelings and preferences.

We place at your disposal the professional judgment and skill we have gained through many years of dental training, and hundreds of hours of post-graduate education and teaching. In our recommendations, we will apply this judgment and skill in determining the causes of present and future problems. We will find common sense answers through careful examination of teeth, gums, occlusion (bite), joints of the jawbone, and soft tissues. We will utilize full mouth x-rays and, when desirable, will study other radiographs, photographs and actual study casts of your teeth and jaws. We will provide you with a fitness report, which will indicate the level of dental health you presently have.

We believe it far better to prevent dental diseases than to treat them after they occur. A workable preventive program must always begin with accurate analysis and diagnosis. The success of our efforts is assured through proper examination, through goal setting to achieve an effective MASTER PLAN.

Our pledge to you is accurately expressed in these carefully chosen words: QUALITY and EXCELLENCE. We look upon you as a unique person of infinite worth - both to your God and to those who love you and need you. Through our care and concern, we will reaffirm that worth.